Professional Players

With our program, some guys have reached their goal and entered the world of professional football.
Here are some of them:
Han Kwang Song
Year of Birth: 1998
Program: TIP 2015
Teams: Cagliari calcio, A.C. Perugia, Juventus F.C.
“Thanks to Ism Academy I have started living my football career. It has been a long way but finally I can say my dream came true scoring my first goal in Serie A and becoming the first North Korean to dress such a important shirt as Juventus. My dream came true!”
Stephen Payne
Year of birth: 1997
Program: TIP 2017
Teams: Varzim Sport Clube, Portimonense Sporting Club
“The football trainings are a whole new level compared to what I got in the US. My favorite part of it are the coaches. They’re approachable and will help you develop the best they know and can even if it takes a bit longer to get. In order for a player to develop really well coaches need to be great. My favorite part about the training are all the different technical drills we do. Overall the academy experience is amazing. It’s brought something new into my life. And I’m glad I took the opportunity to go to Europe”

Choe Song Hyok

Year of birth: 1998
Program: TIP 2015
Teams: A.C.F. Fiorentina, A.C. Perugia, S.S. Arezzo
“In a Different country, different language, long away from my parents and friends… but everyone at ISM helped me get used the new environment and most importantly concentrate on my football. I also made many friends whom I shared hope, good laugh and great moments. It is a real dream-to-true to to play for a professional club of such dimension like Perugia.”
Raul Yagubzade

Year of birth: 2004
Program: TIP 2018
Team: A.C. Perugia

“I Want to say Big thanks to Ism Academy that they give me chance to learn Italian, develop and have the tryout With Ac Perugia last year. This Year I became the first Azeri played to play Ac.Perugia i can say my dreams came true being also part of my National Team”
Liran Rigen

Year of birth: 2002
Program: TIP 2018
Team: A.C. Perugia

“My first days in Italy I didn’t really think I would get that far but I always believe in my self no matter how hard it is I do my best to be the best! Now I’m very happy to join AC Perugia that is a big club and I can’t wait to matches already, Also I want to thank ISM that helped me to get where I am right now and helped me to become the player I am now.”

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