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The 9-month course starts each year on September 20th and ends on June 10th of the following year. Players can choose to stay for 1, 3, 6 or 9 months (please ask for information to our staff). A standard weekly schedule includes soccer trainings Monday to Friday plus at least one friendly game/week normally on Wednesdays. All the players registered to our course (unless Italian Football Association restrictions apply) will have the opportunity to take part to a local League.

Players attending Convitto Nazionale High School are provided with credits at the end of the academic year. Such credits are normally recognized by any School Institution.

No there are not. You will only need some pocket money for your personal expenses. The “Year Long Soccer Boarding Academy” fee includes the soccer program, room and board in the Boarding School, school taxes and the local transportation. The Convitto Nazionale of Assisi is a public school and they provide students with 24 hours supervision. In order to help the students with the Italian language, the Convitto Nazionale of Assisi offers 8 hours/week of Italian language classes.

The registration to the University program allows students to take part to the soccer program and to be enrolled at the University for Foreigners of Perugia, where players attend morning Italian language classes only. At the end of the course the University will release credits recognized by most Institutions. The “Year-Round Talent Identification Program” fee includes accommodation located into University dormitories, local transportation and the soccer program. Tuition fee does not include meals.

The complete paperwork needed to apply for the visa are sent via mail by the school or the University. When you are in Italy the ISM staff will help you get everything ready to apply for your permit of stay.

During the 9-month course ISM grants the organization of at least 3 technical selections to be performed with important clubs. During these all the players will have the chance to be looked at and be scouted directly by the affiliated team coaches.

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